Ma Dada: a new online service for access to information requests in France

Friday 25 October 2019 – Open Knowledge France, the local group of the Cambridge-based NGO Open Knowledge Foundation, with the support of Access Info Europe, launches, an online service aiming to simplify requests for access to information in France.

The main objective of Ma Dada platform is to help researchers, companies, journalists, associations or citizens who wish to exercise their right of access to public information, in a free, open-access service.

Ma Dada aims to make citizen’s requestes easier by providing a list of public organizations –more than 50,000 authorities are already available on the site!-, a form for sending the request for access to public information and a summary of requests made via the platform.

The answers provided by the authorities are published directly on the site, thus facilitating the implementation of the default open data required by the Digital Republic Law 2016 as well as the Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties Law 1978, which define the regulatory framework for access to administrative documents and data in France.

  •  Click here to consult the quality analysis on the French Law of 1978 -last amended in 2010-, provided by RTI-rating, tool developed together with the Centre for Law and Democracy.

Like the AsktheEU platform developed by Access Info, is powered by open-source software Alavateli. This tool, run by MySociety, has helped citizens make over 315,000 Freedom of Information requests in 25 jurisdictions. is currently in the test phase and your feedback on its operation is welcome! @okfnFr