Show your Support for Transparency of Sugar Industry Lobbying!

Did you know, there are over 30,000 professional lobbyists in Brussels (second only to Washington D.C.), and yet there is no mandatory lobby register to check how they influence policies that impact our daily lives?

Proposals to introduce consumer-friendly labels on food were dropped in 2010 by EU institutions, yet the current situation means citizens do not have a clear picture of why this happened and the impact of lobbyists on the proposals!

The ’25 Gramos’ campaign seeks to lift the lid on lobbying influence of the sugar industry on this decision through a series of access to documents requests to be sent in Spain and to the EU institutions.

Click on the “I also want to know!” button below, to show your support for access to the documents that will help shine a light over lobbying activities by the sugar industry!

More info:
In March 2014, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended the daily level of sugar consumption to be reduced to a maximum of 25g a day.

VSF Justicia Alimentaria Global then launched the ‘25 Gramos’ campaign with the participation of a wide variety of other Spanish civil society organisations, aiming to highlight the health dangers associated with excessive sugar consumption.

The ’25 Gramos’ campaign seeks to lift the lid on the many ethically questionable actions of the sugar industry: the social and environmental impact associated with the methods of sugar production, the advertising and promotion strategies on sugary food, the incomprehensible labelling which limits the ability for consumers to know how much sugar they are consuming, as well as the excessive influence the sugar industry lobby can secretly exert over legislation.

Now, Access Info has teamed up with VSF Justicia Alimentaria Global and Fundación Ciudadana Civio to investigate sugar industry lobbying and its influence on decision-making processes, both at EU and national level in Spain. For this, Access Info has used the request platforms and

This campaign is led by Access Info Europe.